My life as a stay at home mom

In February we attended Megan’s wedding and had a blast.  We were dancing all night, where at one point Megan and her gals were dancing in a circle and the Party Rock song came on.  Jacob was so excited for his favorite song and was dancing like crazy.  I leaned down and told him to slide into the circle of gals on his knees, telling him they would totally cheer for him and think it was the coolest.  Jacob said no way, so I told him I would pay him $5 to do it.  He again said no way, so I told him I would pay him $10.  He said ok; he did it; and Megan cheered like crazy!  I wish sometimes my kids would do cool things I suggest without me paying them, because they really gloat how cool it was afterward, like the whole thing was their idea (and not their amazing mom’s idea).

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Here are a few pics from November.  picking out our Christmas trees (yeah 2 this year) at Thanksgiving; Seth’s first time ice skating (I wasn’t going to let him skate but he insisted on wearing them, so I proceeded to drag him around the ice all evening-a little back braking);  and last a few pictures of great grandpa’s funeral day (yes this is Jacob wearing grandpa’s Knights of Columbus hat).

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September 2012

Here are a few of our cute pictures from September.  Two of them were when playing in the leaves at grandpa’s farm, one is from our experiment making colored sugar crystals grow on a stick, and the other one is when we went camping over Labor Day weekend and we found that amazing fish hat at a garage sale.

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Here is Jacob’s baseball season.  It was fun, especially to see some coordination beginning to emerge.  They were making good contact with the ball and actually catching it once in a while, makes mommies proud – watch out World Series here we come in the better part of 10-15 years.  And the crowd goes wild – camera cut to Jacob Webster’s mom on her feet in full team apparel yelling “that’s my boy!”  (he, he).  The best part of the season was that dad was the coach, so it was great dad time bonding!  Plus at that age it is still cool to have your dad around, and all the other boys thought he was pretty cool too.  (and added bonus, mommy didn’t have to go sit through every single practice, especially when the weather was yucky)

I love t-ball, it is so fun and loose and unstructured; it comes at a time before boys really get serious and competetive.  Here are some fun pictures of Isaac’s summer season.



Winona Wedding Pictures

Here is a glimpse of our fun at my cousin’s wedding.  It isn’t very often we all get dressed up and go out, it was so fun!  In one of the pictures my awesome new brother-in-law is holding Seth and making the best faces in the world – it is no wonder why my sister chose to marry such a fun guy!  And in one of the other pictures you will see Isaac holding hands with a beautiful girl, don’t worry it is not romantic, just cousins and almost birthday sharers (a week or two apart) and best friends.  And here are the pictures:

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This is the fun we had on the way to my cousin’s wedding in Winona, MN.   My mom, dad, and sister went with our family when we took the long way and a few extra days to travel through Sioux Falls and accross southern Minnesota.  Below you will see our stops at the Terry Redlin museum and the Falls.

hiking – June 2012

The kids love to go hiking!  Here is one of our many adventures, it was so funny how Seth was trying to bring every stick and rock back with him – he insisted on picking them all up and then when his hands got full, and he really needed to pick up another he would turn to me and ask me to hold them for him so he could get the next one, and of course being the thoughtful mom I am, I carried his treasures along, dropping a few at a time so that when he needed me to ‘hold’ the next batch my arms were ready and empty.

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