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exhausting week

Hi all, this week has been one of those that moms try not to remember.  I have been so exhausted all week, my wonderful husband has been doing evening volunteer work leaving me with long days with the kids.  And with spring seeming to be never coming it makes my days even longer.  Plus it doesn’t help when the kids do small annoying things (in their defense, most were not their fault) such as peeing all over the floor twice just after I spent the whole day scrubbing every square inch of the bathroom (walls, floor, and even closet included) – or placing the wet wash cloth on the counter right on top of important papers – or crying all day to be held (I think he is teething) – or when he does finally go play away from my ankles, he finds huge heaping pile of choking hazards in the form of jewelry, coins, and other treasure just laying on the floor for him to gladly teeth (and a terrible mother that took a few minutes to go find him just to quick finish dinner before it burned).  So after I got the kids to bed, recleaned the bathroom, did the supper dishes, and sorted the laundry I sat down to watch American Idol instead of going onto my computer.

This has been my week – exhausting as it has been I did capture a few fun times:

This is when I was making supper and Seth crawled into the oven drawer.

And here is a picture Jacob drew for me of aliens and outer space.


photo studio

Hi all,  We lucked out and had a snow day yesterday!  We found out they cancelled school the night before so I was trying to come up with some fun ideas to do on our day at home, when my husband mentioned how big our baby is getting and that we just don’t take enough pictures of him.  That comment spurred in my mind all night and I started to remember when Jacob was a baby – I had so much time on my hands – we would play photo studio.  I would just lay a dark blanket over the couch, put down a mirror, add my collection of hats, scarves, jewelry, etc and let them play as I clicked.  I have some of the best memories and the best pictures of those days.  So that is just what we did and here are about 34 of my favorite shots (out of about 200).  I hope it works on your computer – I am still new at this blog stuff.  I was going to try to put it into a collection form, but I couldn’t find how to do that.  I then found the slide show function and thought that might be a manageable way to view the pics.  I thought about putting music to the show, but I am not sure how music copyright laws work – so I think I will wait on that.  Enjoy the show:

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St. Patrick’s Day

We are not Irish.  However, a few years back Jacob was in his first year of preschool they celebrated by a case of naughty leprechauns turning their milk green.  And from that day on Leprechaun Day is a celebration at our house.  I think there is some very exciting appeal to trying to catch or see a leprechaun and that naughty leprechaun playing tricks on our house.  Here are some pictures to enjoy:

first over the weekend we made t-shirts


then yesterday afternoon we fashioned a trap


disappointment in not catching a leprechaun, but nice that he left a gold egg


where does she get her craziness?


notice in this one-Seth is dancing to the music on tv


this one obviously everyone noticed the tv

calm before the storm

as most of you may know we had a blizzard on Friday, but in the morning before the blizzard hit it was beautiful out.  We went out for a walk with the wagon and then came back to realize the snow was finally just perfect for an impromptu snowman. 

I am not sure what Annie is doing here, but it sure looks fun!

And we must not leave Seth out.  It was really an impromptu snowman.  We didn’t have snowpants on, we were just going to go for a quick walk and then to the library – so Seth was in his seat instead of his snowpants and coat.


freezing time

Have you ever had a moment when you wished you could freeze time?  I had that moment this morning, and I wanted to share it with all of you:


It all started with many blankets and a few chairs formed into a magical castle.

Then suddenly Annie’s little head popped out and said “I would like to order a cheese burger and fries.”  Magically we were transformed in a restaurant.

Wow we really served up a lot of cheese burgers and fries.  Then we started specializing in mostly tea.  Suddenly and again magically we had transformed into an all-inclusive camping expedition and we really needed a fire to roast some marshmallows and hot dogs.

Here we are building the fire – some of us are more of perfectionists and really need to get it exact:

And finally here we are enjoying our fire before we headed off to our sleeping bags for a good night of sleeping under the stars (at 10:00 a.m.)

nice weekend

I love the weekend!  Especially now that we are all dictated by the school system.  And this past weekend was no different.  We were able to head over to the winter show.  Matt’s parents and my sisters met us there and we wandered around looking at all the cowboy stuff, petting zoo, and other vendors.  The kids were allowed to spend their allowance and after much deliberation Jacob purchased a small cap gun and Isaac a black cowboy hat.  Some year we will have to stay to see the rodeo, this year we came home in the afternoon and Matt’s parents came with us.  It is aways so wonderful to have them around!  Sunday was spent quietly at home.  We went outside, Aunt Becky came for a quick visit, we had a nice dinner, and then capped off the evening with a movie.  My favorite point in the day was when I was doing dishes and my Isaac approached just to say I love you mom.  Wow, it is great to be a mom!

swimming lessons part 2

Another swimming lesson another day – here is what happened.  Annie was upset, didn’t want to go, fought and got increasingly upset with each step closer we got to the pool.  Matt and I repeatedly stopped and calmed her fears.  We got to the pool edge and saw that the teacher was new.  She again asked the children to sit on the edge, which Annie would absolutely not do, when I noticed another teacher over by the steps of the pool helping the little boy who was shrieking with Annie the last time.  I took Annie over there and sat with her on the edge of the pool.  This gal was in college, warm and very nice – and she-was-I’ll say it – GREAT!  The kind of person you want your kids around.  She coaxed Annie into the water within 10 minutes and had Annie swimming all by herself in 15.  She didn’t have as much luck with the little shrieking boy except that he stopped shrieking and his mom was able to get 10 steps away.   However at the end of class, when I asked our wonderful teacher if she would be back she said didn’t think so, she was just filling in for tonight.  I then told her how glad I was that she helped – and that I wasn’t that Annie was afraid of the water, she just needed someone she trusted to teach her how to swim.  And the gal said well maybe I could talk to the teacher and come back here and there, but not next week because she would be gone.  Which made me start to rethink sending Annie to lessons at all.  Annie’s father is an amazing swimmer, who can teach her how to swim to the extent that a 3-year-old needs.  So this lesson thing was just a confidence booster for her and to get her used to the idea of listening and trusting another adult.  I guess we will see how next Tuesday goes and take it from there.

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