My life as a stay at home mom

Annie’s birthday

Our Annie turned 3 last week and we have celebrated for what seems like the entire month (of course it doesn’t help that we have many other birthdays in February too – like Isaac’s and daddy’s)

This is the first of the February parties – Isaac as so nice to share his birthday party at the Ramada in Grand Forks with Annie so we could celebrate with all those Hinschbergers.   It was so much fun to have pizza, cake, presents, and of course swimming.

This is the second of Annie’s parties – at grandma & grandpa Porters.  Jenny volunteered to make a beautiful Barbie cake, which only took 5-10 trips to the grocery store for more frosting and decorations.   Annie loved it so much – and as you can see Jenny made an aluminum foil crown for Annie to wear to match her cake.

This is Annie’s party on her actual birthday at grandma & grandpa Webster’s.  The highlight of this party was this most beautiful Easter dress the grandma found, along with all the appropriate accessories – shoes, purse, and sunglasses.  Gorgeous!

And finally yesterday Annie’s last present came in to Wal Mart so here she is in her new princess chair with her new book (her current favorite).  Annie’s Chair is a cute book all about a little girl named Annie (who in the book looks surprisingly like our Annie) that won’t let anyone sit in her special chair, until she finds her dog Benny sleeping in her chair.  After trying everything to get Benny out of the chair Annie just cries, which causes a dramatic WAAAAAHHH by our Annie as we read.  Once again one of the many joys of childhood, that this mom wouldn’t trade for anything!


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  1. Welcome! I’m so excited you finally joined us. Now we just have to get Becky and Jenny! I get to have the first comment. Annie is so cute in her dress from Grandma Webster. I heard about the Barbie cake from several people so I’m glad I get to see it. Talk to you soon,

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