My life as a stay at home mom

swimming lessons…

All my thoughts today are on swimming lessons.  Last Thursday the boys finished their February month long swimming lessons.  Jacob passed on to level 2 and they wanted Isaac to practice some more.  However the teacher did come over and say since she taught level 2 we could enter both boys into level 2 and she would work with Isaac to catch him up – so that we didn’t have to come and sit through 2 different lessons.  So Matt and I went home and discussed our options, and out popped the idea to send Annie to lessons – now that she is officially 3.  We decided since it was such good exercise and the boys were having so much fun that we would start lessons right back up with the YMCA’s March set of lessons.  We thought we would take Annie swimming ourselves to see how she would do if we did enter her.  She swam so great with Matt and had almost no fear of the water that we decided we should try the lessons, ya just never know until you try.  Tuesday was our first lesson.  Annie was AMP-ED!  Unfortunately a series of events lead to our ultimate downfall – you see the children were all asked to sit on the edge of the pool and then the instructor got in and helped each kid get in one by one.  And as Isaac had learned last month their first task is to swim on your noodle to the far end of the pool and back – so when teacher pulled Isaac in away he went down the pool – then when the teacher pulled Annie in she immediately followed Isaac.  Once Annie was half way down the pool she realized the teacher didn’t follow her and she was all alone in the middle of the pool – and she panicked (who wouldn’t!).  Then when the teacher retrieved her, there was this other little boy, who was having a holy cow as his mom was trying to push him into the water, which freaked Annie out even more.  So the Matt and I had to endure 30 minutes of Annie crying through the entire lesson.  It was heartbreaking!!!  So now we come to tonight lesson #2, we have been talking for 2 days straight to try to get her psyched up again, but of course are not having too much luck.  I am going to try harder to have Isaac comfort her from in the water (where Matt and I can’t be), especially since on lesson #1 he seemed to not even notice her crying right next to him – hopefully he can help tonight.

The whole think puts such a dilemma in the heart of a mom.  You know it is good for them to try new things.  But you never know what age is too soon or too late for that matter.  Then when you have a series of unfortunate events that sort of spoil things – you want your child to try it again, but not at the expense of them NEVER liking the activity ever again.  I mean, we want Annie to love the water like she has over the last 3 years, but if we force her too hard is she going to begin to hate the water or will the opposite happen and she gets much more comfortable.  There was another mom at lessons that said of another boy that he cried the same way and worse than Annie and now look at him loving the water over there in level 3.   mmmmm, such to think about – I will keep you posted after tonight’s lesson.


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