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swimming lessons part 2

Another swimming lesson another day – here is what happened.  Annie was upset, didn’t want to go, fought and got increasingly upset with each step closer we got to the pool.  Matt and I repeatedly stopped and calmed her fears.  We got to the pool edge and saw that the teacher was new.  She again asked the children to sit on the edge, which Annie would absolutely not do, when I noticed another teacher over by the steps of the pool helping the little boy who was shrieking with Annie the last time.  I took Annie over there and sat with her on the edge of the pool.  This gal was in college, warm and very nice – and she-was-I’ll say it – GREAT!  The kind of person you want your kids around.  She coaxed Annie into the water within 10 minutes and had Annie swimming all by herself in 15.  She didn’t have as much luck with the little shrieking boy except that he stopped shrieking and his mom was able to get 10 steps away.   However at the end of class, when I asked our wonderful teacher if she would be back she said didn’t think so, she was just filling in for tonight.  I then told her how glad I was that she helped – and that I wasn’t that Annie was afraid of the water, she just needed someone she trusted to teach her how to swim.  And the gal said well maybe I could talk to the teacher and come back here and there, but not next week because she would be gone.  Which made me start to rethink sending Annie to lessons at all.  Annie’s father is an amazing swimmer, who can teach her how to swim to the extent that a 3-year-old needs.  So this lesson thing was just a confidence booster for her and to get her used to the idea of listening and trusting another adult.  I guess we will see how next Tuesday goes and take it from there.


Comments on: "swimming lessons part 2" (3)

  1. Mary Beth cried hysterically at her first swim lessons this past summer and never went back… that’s great that you got Annie in! Great blog Katie!

  2. Jennifer Porter said:

    Good that she went again. I can understand why it’d be a tough decision (ask Bobbie about swimming lessons sometimes), but like you said Matt’s a good swimmer and can teach her the basics if it doesn’t work out. I never took a lesson and am an okay swimmer.

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