My life as a stay at home mom

nice weekend

I love the weekend!  Especially now that we are all dictated by the school system.  And this past weekend was no different.  We were able to head over to the winter show.  Matt’s parents and my sisters met us there and we wandered around looking at all the cowboy stuff, petting zoo, and other vendors.  The kids were allowed to spend their allowance and after much deliberation Jacob purchased a small cap gun and Isaac a black cowboy hat.  Some year we will have to stay to see the rodeo, this year we came home in the afternoon and Matt’s parents came with us.  It is aways so wonderful to have them around!  Sunday was spent quietly at home.  We went outside, Aunt Becky came for a quick visit, we had a nice dinner, and then capped off the evening with a movie.  My favorite point in the day was when I was doing dishes and my Isaac approached just to say I love you mom.  Wow, it is great to be a mom!


Comments on: "nice weekend" (3)

  1. Jennifer Porter said:

    I love the cowboy hat! It’s especially stylin’ with the Power Ranger gloves!

  2. Lori Lippert said:

    Your kids get an allowance? I’d be interested to hear how much they get. Just Jacob and Isaac?

    I love your new blog. It’s inspiring 🙂

    • I am glad you like it – I am definatly having fun with it. Yes, the kids get an allowance – I read it in a magazine that 6-7 years old is a good time to start teaching money management with an allownace. Plus Jacob has had a huge case of the gimmies so we thought it was time he started seeing the value of money. I give each kid 4 quarters per week one of which has to go to charity (usually the church envelope). We decided to do all the kids, because all the kids get money at different holidays; they can earn it other ways; or sometimes they just find money. Some larger amounts we put in their 529 accounts, but for the most part the little every day stuff goes in their piggy banks. We also decided to do all the kids because Jacob and Isaac have been around longer to have more in their 529 accounts where Seth and Annie haven’t and don’t quite get as much in gift now that we have 4 kids so every so often their allowance is cleaned into their 529’s – it turns into a way to get Seth and Annie caught up. It seems to work well – of course Jacob is really the only one who fully understand it – the others just think it is fun to put the money into their banks and once in a while get a gum ball. And so of course Jacob always has the least amount of money in his bank and is now figuring out the lessons of others having more than him and how he can go about swindling his siblings into what he wants but doesn’t have the means to afford. So far it seems to be working, not without it’s flaws. The magazine article recommended at age 6-7 you start giving them 1/3 of their age per week and you are to let them use it as they please – because that is ultimately how they will learn. That is the hardest part for us – we have a hard time seeing them just putting quarter after quarter in to machines. We hope they will pick up the art of saving one of these days.

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