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photo studio

Hi all,  We lucked out and had a snow day yesterday!  We found out they cancelled school the night before so I was trying to come up with some fun ideas to do on our day at home, when my husband mentioned how big our baby is getting and that we just don’t take enough pictures of him.  That comment spurred in my mind all night and I started to remember when Jacob was a baby – I had so much time on my hands – we would play photo studio.  I would just lay a dark blanket over the couch, put down a mirror, add my collection of hats, scarves, jewelry, etc and let them play as I clicked.  I have some of the best memories and the best pictures of those days.  So that is just what we did and here are about 34 of my favorite shots (out of about 200).  I hope it works on your computer – I am still new at this blog stuff.  I was going to try to put it into a collection form, but I couldn’t find how to do that.  I then found the slide show function and thought that might be a manageable way to view the pics.  I thought about putting music to the show, but I am not sure how music copyright laws work – so I think I will wait on that.  Enjoy the show:

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  1. Jennifer Porter said:

    Becky was telling me the other day about the Isaac picture with the oven mits (?) on his hands, so I had to drop by. Very cute pictures as always! I can’t wait to see Jacob’s picture!

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