My life as a stay at home mom

exhausting week

Hi all, this week has been one of those that moms try not to remember.  I have been so exhausted all week, my wonderful husband has been doing evening volunteer work leaving me with long days with the kids.  And with spring seeming to be never coming it makes my days even longer.  Plus it doesn’t help when the kids do small annoying things (in their defense, most were not their fault) such as peeing all over the floor twice just after I spent the whole day scrubbing every square inch of the bathroom (walls, floor, and even closet included) – or placing the wet wash cloth on the counter right on top of important papers – or crying all day to be held (I think he is teething) – or when he does finally go play away from my ankles, he finds huge heaping pile of choking hazards in the form of jewelry, coins, and other treasure just laying on the floor for him to gladly teeth (and a terrible mother that took a few minutes to go find him just to quick finish dinner before it burned).  So after I got the kids to bed, recleaned the bathroom, did the supper dishes, and sorted the laundry I sat down to watch American Idol instead of going onto my computer.

This has been my week – exhausting as it has been I did capture a few fun times:

This is when I was making supper and Seth crawled into the oven drawer.

And here is a picture Jacob drew for me of aliens and outer space.


Comments on: "exhausting week" (1)

  1. Poor Sethie. He really does look out of it.

    Tell Jacob I love his drawing! It is really awesome!

    I hope this week is better for you. At the very least,the weather is better. Take care,

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