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I am not sure about your house hold, but in mine kids and chores don’t usually mix.  I have to either beg, plead, yell, or somehow figure out a way to deceive them into thinking it might be fun (it gets harder and harder with each passing year).  But here, in the following photos, we will depict a day when a chore was done and it made my entire day:

Isaac folded an entire load of jeans and then organized them from biggest to smallest:


A few more firsts for Seth


Here are a few more pics of Seth – The first is of his birthday party with the Websters over Easter weekend – he seemed pretty thrilled that his wonderful grandma made him a birthday cake all of his own.

The next two are when we returned home after Easter and Seth and his crib moved out of my room and into Annie’s room.  He seems pretty excited for his first night in the crib – yea, a few hours later he was not so thrilled.

Seth’s Birthday

Happy 1st Birthday to my baby!  Here are some pics to enjoy.

lunchtime conversation 2

me:  tonight we start soccer practice, won’t that be fun Isaac?

Isaac:  yeah, and when Jacob is on my team and gets the ball I will run after him and tackle him and take the ball.

me:  umm, Isaac – a few things – 1.  Jacob isn’t going to play on your team because he is in a different age bracket.  2.  It isn’t good to tackle your team mates.  3.  There is absolutely no tackling in soccer.  (And then I went on to give as good of a ‘rules of soccer’ explanation that I could)

It will be an interesting evening!

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