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coming home to water

after our weekend away camping we returned to a water filled backyard so here is what we did:


It was a little gross and a little like pictures of childhood at its best where you see kids running through the fire hydrants in NYC.  But definitely all F-U-N!  (that is until a snake turned up and changed our focus completely onto a new pet in a bucket – ewww (luckily it is not bunking/bucketing at my house)

weekend fun

This weekend we went camping and fishing, here area few pictures to enjoy – the first ones are outside at our house as we are packing.  Notice how appalled Seth is at what Annie is wearing (note the two different shoes).  And then the following two are from camping and the whopper perch Jacob landed – wa-hoo!

ballroom dancing anyone?






It was a most festive beautiful occasion this morning; definitely cause for dancing.  It was Monday morning and the costume bin was a-calling.  What a joyous time.

we love the farm







These are just a few pictures of one of our days at grandpa’s farm.  It is so fun to go out there and have wide open spaces to run!

a few new quotes to enjoy

note – the following quotes came completely out of the blue, with no pre-conversation – just one of those funny comments that takes you slightly off guard:

Isaac:  Something in my lasagna tastes like rotten jelly beans.

Annie:  My bumper smells like cheese.

the last day of school

These are some pics of our last days of school.  As you can see they finished up on two different days.  Thanks so much to 2 of our favorite teachers so far!  They are great!  It was another emotional day for mommy finishing her first year of Kindergarten and having her baby moving on to 1st grade, he is growing too fast!  And my number 2 heading off to Kindergarten next year.  I can’t believe how smart they already have become in just such a short time.  It makes this mommy so proud!

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