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first days of school

Here are our first days of school.  Last Thursday was Jacob’s first day, but of course with the mom I am I was too worried and stressed to remember the camera – so what you are seeing in  the pics below are actually Jacob’s second morning of school on Friday.  And if you are wondering – he wore a red Mario t-shirt for his first day.  And no he didn’t wear the hat all day, he left it in the car before he went in.  Can you believe this guy is a 1st grader?  Maybe someday I will get used to the fact that they are going to grow up, not that I have a choice in the matter.

Next you will see Isaac on his first day – I did remember the camera today (he started two days after Jacob on Monday, because our school has started a new program where they are assessing how smart the kindergarten kids are before they start the school year, so Isaac had a 30 minute assessment appointment on Friday, which he told us he got 100 points on, must be good right?)  Anyhow, the first day of school couldn’t go completely without hiccups.  As I was getting the kids out of the car to go into school I picked up Seth and his messy diaper had leaked all over – of course I didn’t have time to change it so I just had to carry the leaky poop monster into school smelly and drippy all over my shirt.  I don’t think anyone noticed (even Isaac).  We gave our first day good-bye hugs, one last picture at his desk, and Annie, Seth and I were off to our new adventure of being home all by ourselves.  The last pics you will see are what we did on our first morning.


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    • totally Jacob, Missy got those for the boys last Christmas – and Jacob has just taken to it in the last 2 months – funny how something just all of the suddne seems cool

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