My life as a stay at home mom

Seth’s first hair cut

Once upon a time there was a little boy who needed a haircut.  Unfortunately for this boy he had terrible parents, who didn’t watch him close enough and his 7-year-old brother gave him his first haircut (terrifying to think about a scissor that close to my baby’s eyes – and for posterity purposes only it was the 3-year-old daughter who was the tattle-tale).  After vowing that they would watch this poor 4th child and lecturing the 7-year-old for hours, we went ahead and gave the baby his “first” real haircut.  Sadly the first attempt was not successful, since the baby was crabby and could not be bribed by candy.  So it was necessary to wait until happier times, which arrived the very next day.  Buckling him into the wagon, his favorite way to travel – mommy proceeded to distract while daddy hacked at the mop of blonde curls until a suitable length occurred.  And here are some before and afters:  (oh and by the way, the one in the blue swing is probably going to be used for his presidential head shot, guess I should have put on his tie for that formal shot)



Comments on: "Seth’s first hair cut" (2)

  1. So funny! He looks so grown up with his hair cut.

  2. I know it makes me sad.

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