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Another picture of Jacob & the guys at the JC Homecoming.  And above is Seth and his love of picking cherry tomatoes out of the garden and putting them into the bucket.

And last here is my beautiful girl just after her haircut.  Annie and I went to a new lady this time, mostly because my other hair place was quite expensive so I want to try to find a cheaper means.  However, we will probably not go back to this lady again.  She over waxed my eyebrows and she over layered my hair and most of all she made my daughter cry.  She was nice, cut Annie’s hair then curled it and gave Annie 2 new plastic hair clips, a tube of princess chap stick, and a sucker – Annie was in her absolute glory!  However while she was cutting my hair she looked over and noticed Annie pulling the cap off her chap stick with her teeth and freaked out.  She went right over to Annie got down nose to nose with her and yelled at her to never do that again or she will take the chap stick right back.  Annie broke down into tears immediately and then the lady (she did feel bad) started to ask me if she is normally this sensitive and where she gets it from and how she raised her daughter to be tough as nails and to never cry.  Yeah, I don’t think we will probably go back to her again.


JC Homecoming

Hello all,

Tonight we had a really fun experience!  It all started last night when my friend called and needed a favor.  Her daughter was asked to be the Homecoming Princess for Jamestown College, however when it came time for coronation practice the prince came down ill with bronchitis.  My friend thought of me and my two princes at home and called to see if we were available.  By some amazing luck we were home, available and had an awesome babysitter in my house (thanks again Jenny) – unfortunately my boys were less than thrilled and needed to be begged.  We went to the rehearsal and somehow (with at least a bit of bribery) I convinced Jacob to participate.

He is amazing.  And was so excited!  He kept saying he looked like the president.  Plus when everyone in the house saw Jacob in his suit they wanted some of the action so everyone dressed up (so thank you Websters for having 3 boys and a number of suits in varying sizes to hand down to us).  We looked like a pretty amazing family.    Jacob made some new ‘buddies’ and thought he was pretty special.  There will be more pictures coming from the professional photographer that are really fun.

Here was Jacob’s introduction:

Our Junior Prince is Jacob Webster who is in 1st grade at Gussner School.   In his spare time Jacob can be found playing Legos, fishing, and playing outside.  He also enjoys eating noodles and chewing bubble gum and the color blue.  When he goes to college he wants to study animal science.  He also enjoys long walks on the beach and peaceful sunsets.  (most of this was written by me, but the end was ad-libbed by the mc of the evening and got lots of hoots and hollers from the crowd  – which made Jacob walk even faster and smile bigger)

Fort Ransom

What a blast we had over the weekend!  We started it off by attending the Blue Jays Homecoming parade on Friday, then Saturday we went to another Homecoming parade of the Valley City State Vikings.  We scored lots of candy and Isaac wore his viking gear and scored a picture by the college newspaper man maybe he will be on the front page!  After all that fun we drove down to Fort Ransom for some geocaching and picnicking.  The kids had a great time finding the treasure, playing at the park, and then having their favorite pb&js.  We found lots of frogs and snakes.  Unfortunately on our way home we had a flat tire, but luckily I had Jenny and mom there to help save our day.  Jenny occupied the four kids while mom and I changed the tire.  When we got home we made a batch of tomato juice, ketchup and caramel apple bars.   The perfect end to a great day!

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