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Another picture of Jacob & the guys at the JC Homecoming.  And above is Seth and his love of picking cherry tomatoes out of the garden and putting them into the bucket.

And last here is my beautiful girl just after her haircut.  Annie and I went to a new lady this time, mostly because my other hair place was quite expensive so I want to try to find a cheaper means.  However, we will probably not go back to this lady again.  She over waxed my eyebrows and she over layered my hair and most of all she made my daughter cry.  She was nice, cut Annie’s hair then curled it and gave Annie 2 new plastic hair clips, a tube of princess chap stick, and a sucker – Annie was in her absolute glory!  However while she was cutting my hair she looked over and noticed Annie pulling the cap off her chap stick with her teeth and freaked out.  She went right over to Annie got down nose to nose with her and yelled at her to never do that again or she will take the chap stick right back.  Annie broke down into tears immediately and then the lady (she did feel bad) started to ask me if she is normally this sensitive and where she gets it from and how she raised her daughter to be tough as nails and to never cry.  Yeah, I don’t think we will probably go back to her again.


Comments on: "Random Stuff" (3)

  1. That has to be the most insane story I’ve ever heard! I hope you told her off- that woman sounds horrible!
    Annie’s hair looks cute though- poor little girl!

  2. it was pretty terrible – Annie said when we got home that we should go bad to our other lady and not go back to that lady again.

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