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why can’t everyone have a big sister?


family pictures

Here are a few pictures from last weekend.  Unfortunately our beautiful, wonderful and amazing Grandma Babe Webster passed on so we had her funeral and much family time to honor her last Saturday.  And fortunately we were all dressed up so I was able to get some pretty good pictures.

lunchtime conversation

Annie:  Luke, this is a Kitty Cat.   (while picking a treat from the Halloween bucket and holding up a Kit Kat)

Luke:  No Annie, it is a Musk Rat.

I didn’t bother to correct them, I felt that both titles were reasonable and why ruin all the fun for who get to enjoy hearing the logic of two 3 year olds in a great conversation.

Halloween 2011

Here are a few fun Halloween pictures to enjoy.  We had a super fun weekend – we went to the YMCA party on Friday, then a DL party on Saturday and then trick or treated in our amazing neighborhood on Monday.  What a great time and lots of costume fun!   A big thanks to all our great family and neighbors for the awesome treats!

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