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basement camping

Last weekend we had the crazy idea to have a basement campout, mostly because our new gas fireplace is installed and working.  So my wonderful husband moved the couch, set up the huge tent, pulled out all the sleeping bags, and set up the little tv and dvd player.  It was so fun.  The kids were so excited they “helped” dad and brought half of their belongings into the tent, including all of the pillows and blankets and flashlights that we have in the entire house.  It was pretty cozy, as you will be able to see by the pictures.  What a blast!


Happy New Year

Here is our New Year’s toast, we had a feast with grandma then played games and watched the New Years show.  It was so much fun!


Yes, we finally gave haircuts!  And the boys look AMAZING.  It was fun growing it long for the last 6 months, and now it is nice to have our clean cut boys back.  Oh and of course we couldn’t let Annie go without attention so Aunt Jenny braided her hair and in the morning it was all curly.

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