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basement camping

Last weekend we had the crazy idea to have a basement campout, mostly because our new gas fireplace is installed and working.  So my wonderful husband moved the couch, set up the huge tent, pulled out all the sleeping bags, and set up the little tv and dvd player.  It was so fun.  The kids were so excited they “helped” dad and brought half of their belongings into the tent, including all of the pillows and blankets and flashlights that we have in the entire house.  It was pretty cozy, as you will be able to see by the pictures.  What a blast!


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  1. Looks fun! You should post a picture of your new fireplace. Are you loving it?

  2. it was so fun. And I will post a picture of the fireplace when it is all done. Right now it is just installed in a wood frame, hopefully if all goes well Matt is going to pick up the brick this weekend and start working on the finishing process. But yes to answer your question we are LOVING it! We are looking for a tv to go above it, Matt is going to put in some recessed accent lights in the ceiling over it and we already have a great surround sound system that he is installing and wiring into the walls so will not be so visible. It really is going to be great when all finished. It will make next Christmas so cozy, though will make it hard for me to decide where to put the tree.

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