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February Birthday

February marks the birthday highlight of our year.  Apparently my husband’s family really likes to make February babies (I wonder if they must be true farmers because they like to plant the seed in May) 🙂  So in the month of February we eat a lot of cake, by the end of the month we feel like we could go the rest of the year without another sweet.  Since we have such big families that we love, we want to have a party with everyone.  Our first bite of cake came on Isaac’s real birthday – in which Annie and mommy crafted a LEGO cake.  We took our next cake on the road to GF where we enjoyed Disney on Ice and a hotel swimming party with all those awesome aunts, uncles and cousins – to celebrate both Annie and Isaac.  Then the weekend following that we celebrated at home with more aunts who made a neat bunny cake.  On Annie’s actual birthday weekend we had a little plate of chocolate cupcakes with fancy purple frosting and gold princess sprinkles.  And last but not least we celebrated Annie and daddy’s birthday with daddy’s favorite Red Velvet Cake.

We had many presents openings too.  And lots and lots of great memories to boot!


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