My life as a stay at home mom

Annie:  look Seth I can read.  It says here M-m-m-ma-a-aaa ple  siiiiii rrrrripppp

Seth: Ml sup?

Annie:  no no like this mmmmmaaaaaapppp- – – p p – puh– lllll siiiiiiirrrripppp

Seth:  Mmmm al srppppp?

Annie:  no no Seth can’t you read it is mmmmmmaaaapppppll siiiiirrrippp

Seth: (at the same time as Annie)  mmmmmmaaapppplll sup


And this is how the conversation ran for almost 15 minutes.  I love being a mom.  Oh and by the way, when I was putting the syrup away after they left the table, it didn’t say maple syrup it said  Log Cabin.  These are my joys!


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