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Isaac’s Heart of Gold

Isaac was having a funny week last week.  The two stories I am about to tell you are completely separate occurrences, but get categorized together because they are classic Isaac and they happened in the same week.  I hope by me writing these down doesn’t embarrass Isaac later in his life, but only to enjoy life’s little accidents and imperfections.

It all started last Friday night (May 4th – for documentation purposes).  When I went out shopping with my mom, my ‘add oil’ light came on in my vehicle.  Like any obedient wife I called my husband; he said let it sit and cool for a while then call back so I can help you check and add oil.  I put the kids and my mom to bed, and remembered to call him back a while later.  I was outside in the garage climbing like a monkey to check the oil in my huge vehicle (maybe they should install a pull out ladder for such purposes?), when I heard someone crying inside.  I said uh-oh to my husband and set down the oil stick and my paper towel to go investigate.  When I came in, there were lights on in the basement – and I heard noise in the kitchen, I went up the stairs and here is my 6-year-old in a daze, peeing all over the kitchen floor in front of the oven.  I looked down the hall and he had turned on every bedroom light obviously trying to find me.  It was so gross, every mom’s favorite thing is to clean up pee in the middle of the night, right?  Anyhow, I told my husband I would call him back, went to work scrubbing the kitchen floor and oven, then went back out and finished my oil on my Yukon, and came back in just in time for my Isaac to come back upstairs to go to the bathroom again.  This time however I intercepted him and rapidly got him to the toilet!  I put him back to bed again and finally went to bed myself – then he came up a 3rd time an hour later to go again.  This time I allowed him to get into my bed because I was just too tired to take him all the way back down to his bed.  And you’ll never guess what happened by morning – yup, he wet my bed too.  We must have eaten a lot of watermelon that prior evening.   What a funny night.  Of course Isaac remembered NONE of what happened all night, but still apologized for it when I told him – I love him so much!

The next story started on the following Sunday, when I decided to take the kids to the bike path and practice Isaac’s skills without training wheels.  I walked because Isaac hadn’t perfected getting started on his own yet and Seth insisted to ride in his stroller.  We were off, Annie & Jacob rode ahead and I started Isaac, ran a few feet with him, then went back and pushed Seth forward about 10 feet where Isaac got scared and tipped his bike into the grass.  This pattern continued for the next 30 minute:  start Isaac, run a few feet to get him going, back push Seth to where Isaac tipped.  Finally it got late and I was tired so we decided to go home – vowing that next time we need to bring dad along to help.

And that is just what we did on the following Thursday we had a free night and we went out again.  Within 15 minutes of being out there my wonderful husband had Isaac starting on his own and riding quite long distances – it was AMAZING!  So much so that he was getting quite a ways ahead of us walking.  Toward the end of the trail, we had caught back up so the kids were only a little bit ahead of us.  There was a turn in the trail ahead that went into a set of trees blocking my and my husband’s view of our son, when suddenly we heard a loud scream and the words “Oh my God you hit my dog!”  Of course I took off running around the corner, and found the view of my little boy in a heap under his bike and this lady holding her dog.  We ALL felt just terrible, but no one more so than Isaac, whose poor leg was scraped up from bottom to top!  He said he was so sorry, and we checked out the dog.  The lady said she thought the dog would be ok and that he wasn’t limping or anything and sort of abruptly turned and rapidly left.  Leaving us standing there feeling bad and Isaac crying.  I cleaning him up as best I could and we started back to the car, surprisingly he got back on his bike and rode all the way back to the car without stopping or looking back.  We asked Isaac about it on the way home and he broke down crying again saying over and over that he couldn’t stop and the dog was in the way.  My wonderful husband asked if he said he was sorry to the lady, to which Isaac through sobs said yes, and my husband replied then that is all you can do she knew you felt bad and that it was an accident.   It truly was a bummer of a way to end a great night of bike riding!


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