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hiking – June 2012

The kids love to go hiking!  Here is one of our many adventures, it was so funny how Seth was trying to bring every stick and rock back with him – he insisted on picking them all up and then when his hands got full, and he really needed to pick up another he would turn to me and ask me to hold them for him so he could get the next one, and of course being the thoughtful mom I am, I carried his treasures along, dropping a few at a time so that when he needed me to ‘hold’ the next batch my arms were ready and empty.


Vacation Bible School – June 2012

At the beginning of June we had a week long Vacation Bible School and this year Annie was finally old enough to attend!  So I volunteered to “teach” the preschool class to hang out with her.  We had a blast, the theme was Island Adventure, each evening we started with supper (I didn’t have to cook supper for a week-wow!)  and then we had lots of learning and play and crafts.  The kids made new friends and got to hang with some of their old ones.  And Seth got some quality daddy time at home (or on the golf course), as you can see in the pictures below:

Jacob’s birthday bike

There was no question in our minds what Jacob needed for his 8th birthday gift – a brand new bike.  Over the winter he grew too big for his old bike and so we told him that was what he was getting for his birthday and he gets to help pick it out.  It took us a number of weeks to get somewhere to buy it, and he picked out a great new Huffy dirt bike.  I thought he would pick out more of a mountain bike with gears, but he really liked this dirt bike and as you can see he gave it star treatment in our garage for the first number of weeks at home:


Jacob’s Birthday Parties

Remember a few post back how I said the 4th child doesn’t get as big of a birthday party?  Yeah, the 1st child is still getting the celebration of his lifetime for every birthday.  Maybe that comes with age, or possibly the time of year of his birthday where we are in need of great celebration, but our oldest has had so many many more birthday parties than that of his 8 years of age.  So here goes with 4 more birthday parties:

Party # 1 He almost always shares with his wonderful Aunt Jenny over Memorial Day weekend because that is when my side of the family gets together.  I didn’t take a lot of pictures that day but here is the one good one of him opening his gifts around the campfire.  Party #2 was his friends party, which our great neighbors shared with us.  Their son is in Jacob’s class at school and his birthday is one day apart from Jacob.  We were able to have it at the local gymnastic club and split the costs and work, which was great!  And because it was family style all the kiddos had friends their age in attendance.  Party #3 Was our at home family party and Jacob really wanted a store-bought cake so you can see he got his hunting cake with real duck call included.  And last Party #4 was supper and play time at the park with grandma in Carrington.  What an amazing way to celebrate 8 years!

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