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Jacob plays baseball – summer 2012

Here is Jacob’s baseball season.  It was fun, especially to see some coordination beginning to emerge.  They were making good contact with the ball and actually catching it once in a while, makes mommies proud – watch out World Series here we come in the better part of 10-15 years.  And the crowd goes wild – camera cut to Jacob Webster’s mom on her feet in full team apparel yelling “that’s my boy!”  (he, he).  The best part of the season was that dad was the coach, so it was great dad time bonding!  Plus at that age it is still cool to have your dad around, and all the other boys thought he was pretty cool too.  (and added bonus, mommy didn’t have to go sit through every single practice, especially when the weather was yucky)


Isaac plays t-ball June 2012

I love t-ball, it is so fun and loose and unstructured; it comes at a time before boys really get serious and competetive.  Here are some fun pictures of Isaac’s summer season.



Winona Wedding Pictures

Here is a glimpse of our fun at my cousin’s wedding.  It isn’t very often we all get dressed up and go out, it was so fun!  In one of the pictures my awesome new brother-in-law is holding Seth and making the best faces in the world – it is no wonder why my sister chose to marry such a fun guy!  And in one of the other pictures you will see Isaac holding hands with a beautiful girl, don’t worry it is not romantic, just cousins and almost birthday sharers (a week or two apart) and best friends.  And here are the pictures:

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Roadtrip to Winona June 2012

This is the fun we had on the way to my cousin’s wedding in Winona, MN.   My mom, dad, and sister went with our family when we took the long way and a few extra days to travel through Sioux Falls and accross southern Minnesota.  Below you will see our stops at the Terry Redlin museum and the Falls.

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