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track and field

In June our parks and rec hosts track and field events for all kids on Wednesday evenings so here we are taking in the fun.  They run the 100, 200, 400, and softball throw for each different age group.   Prior to the event Jacob and Isaac weren’t quite on board, but Annie was so excited (especially since her best friend Luke was going to be there).  Then when we got there the tables turned, we lined up for the first race, which was Annie’s race and unfortunately since Matt and I hadn’t been there before we didn’t know that one of us should have gone down to the end line to stop/catch Annie.  So sadly Annie just kept on running when all the other kids were stopped by their parents, causing me to have to chase her down the track, by the time I caught her she was sobbing and so totally upset she wouldn’t run any of the other races.  The boys however got more into it with each race, especially since they got ribbon for each race.  Isaac got 2 – 5th place pink ribbons and 1 – green ribbon and Jacob got 2 – red 2nd place ribbons.  Awesome fun!


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